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Section Overview

We accomplish the most difficult technological feats across a range of disciplines.

Government customers turn to Raytheon BBN Technologies for solutions that help make us safe and secure; business customers rely on us for breakthrough thinking that helps them bring new innovations to market and gives them a competitive edge.

What we believe

Hiring great minds will attract the most challenging projects, which, in turn, will attract more great people.

Covering new ground, and solving previously unsolved technological problems.

Making a difference. Each Raytheon BBN Technologies breakthrough can have a massive impact on the way we live -- a powerful motivator for both customers and employees.

Trying. We see and make connections between technologies and ideas that others do not or cannot.

Development over research. What we make, works. Our goal is to solve problems by creating real-world, working solutions for both government and business organizations.

Drawing from a range of disciplines - voice, networking, encryption, security, acoustics, physics, signal processing - to collaborate and make new connections.

Treating customers as collaborators and partners. We listen, we give straight answers, and we never forget that we are a service business.