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Section Overview

Raytheon BBN Technologies continuously works to apply its expertise and technology to commercial markets.

Raytheon BBN's premium development services, products and licensable intellectual property all leverage Raytheon BBN's groundbreaking technology to help our customers to gain a competitive edge, get to market more quickly, or perform functions that would otherwise be unattainable.

Raytheon BBN Technologies licenses the intellectual property - patents, software, and technical know-how - that it has developed in the course of performing leading edge R&D. Raytheon BBN's IP gives our customers a competitive edge in the marketplace by performing functions that would otherwise be unattainable or by getting them to market more quickly.

Along with such licenses, we often provide professional services tailored to the needs of our customers to assist them in system design, technology integration, test and evaluation. For a complete list of Raytheon BBN's issued patents, click here.