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The BBN Broadcast Monitoring System™ creates a continuous searchable archive of international television broadcasts. The system automatically transcribes the real-time audio stream and translates it into English. Both the transcript and translation are searchable and synchronized to the video, providing powerful capabilities for effective retrieval and precise playback of the video based on its speech content. With this revolutionary system, users can sift through vast collections of news content in other languages quickly and efficiently.

Broadcast Monitoring System

User's View of the BBN Broadcast Monitoring System™ shows the transcript in both the original language and English with the synchronized video.

Searchable Access to Content

The interface allows users to quickly search for specific spoken content in the video archive through keyword queries in English or the source language. Search terms are highlighted in the results, which show an image thumbnail, the transcript segment in the original language, and an English translation. Clicking on a result begins playback of the segment.

Browser-based User Interface

Users interact with the system from any PC or laptop via a common high-speed IP network. The only required client software is Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 and Windows Media® Player 9.

Continuous Operation

The BBN Broadcast Monitoring System continuously captures, encodes, analyzes, and stores live video streams in an automatically-maintained, dynamic cache containing 30 days of recorded audio/video.

Seamless Synchronized Playback

As the video plays back, the system highlights the spoken words in both the original language and the translation. The transcript is enriched by highlighting the names of people, locations, and organizations, and by separating the speakers in the audio file. Users can jump to any point in the cache and begin playback.

Media Extraction

Users can extract video segments or still photos as MPEG and JPEG files for sharing, presentation, and collaboration. Our demonstration CD contains extracted segments that preserve the highlighting and synchronization of video, transcript, and translation during playback.

Languages for BBN Broadcast Monitoring System™

  • Modern Standard Arabic with support for Iraqi Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Western Hemisphere Spanish
  • Persian/Farsi
  • French
  • Pashto
  • Malay
  • Dari
  • Cantonese
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • North American English
  • U.K. English
  • Russian

Turnkey System

The Broadcast Monitoring System does not require any hardware setup, software installation, or onsite administration or maintenance by the customer.

GSA Schedule

The BBN Broadcast Monitoring System is available through the GSA Schedule.

Note that our monitoring solutions do not replace the need for analysts and cannot predict outcomes or events. Instead, they are robust tools that collect, organize, triage and translate information to help analysts do their work more efficiently.