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Boomerang    State-of-the-Art Shooter Detection

The Boomerang shooter detection system pinpoints incoming small arms fire from the shooter. Boomerang is available to U.S. military, law-enforcement agencies, municipalities, and to other approved U.S. domestic and foreign entities. Government contractors can incorporate Boomerang into their systems or platforms.

Combat Proven and Award Winning

Boomerang is currently employed by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. And in 2005 Boomerang won both the DARPA "Significant Technical Achievement Award" and an MITX award.

Quiet, Passive Operation

Boomerang uses passive acoustic detection and computer-based signal processing to locate the shooter. When mounted on a vehicle, the system operates when the vehicle is stationary or moving. Boomerang uses a single mast-mounted, compact array of microphones to detect incoming fire.

Best Performance and Best Value

Boomerang performs best and costs less than competitors. And Boomerang is the only shooter detector shown to operate successfully in urban terrain (MOUT*) on moving vehicles.

Effective Even at Maximum Ranges

Boomerang detects incoming supersonic small arms fire for bullet trajectories passing the mast, and for shooters firing at maximum effective weapons' ranges. It detects and reports incoming fire and the relative shooter position (including elevation) quickly.

Auditory and Visual Indicators

Boomerang indicates the azimuth of incoming small-arms fire by actuating a light to show the clock direction, and Boomerang announces that direction using a recorded voice. Boomerang indicates the range and elevation on an LED screen display. The lighted displays can be dimmed.

Detailed and additional Information will be made available to vendors.

Extensive Engineering

Raytheon BBN Technologies has undertaken successful efforts to prevent system false alarms caused by non-ballistic events such as road bumps, door slams, wind noise, tactical radio transmissions, and extraneous noise events such as vehicle traffic, firecrackers, and urban activity. Boomerang algorithms also suppress return fire alerts; Boomerang is engineered not to alert when outgoing shots are fired from Boomerang's position.

*Boomerang has been successfully tested in a U.S. military MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) training facility.

Boomerang Warrior-X

Soldier Wearable Shooter Detection System

Because our troops are most vulnerable when on foot without the cover of vehicles or buildings, Raytheon BBN Technologies developed Boomerang Warrior-X, a soldier wearable shooter detection system. Boomerang Warrior-X provides immediate indication of hostile fire or sniper attack and localizes the shooter(s) allowing for a rapid, informed and coordinated response.
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