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The Boomerang Air helicopter-mounted shooter detection system delivers life saving performance. Boomerang Air helps flight crews locate a shooter by using state-of the-art passive acoustic detection, computer-based signal processing, and both auditory and visual indications to detect and report relative shooter azimuth and elevation information. Boomerang Air provides protection for warfighter operations, law enforcement, surveillance, search and rescue operations, and key asset defense.


  • Superior detection of single shots, burst fire, multiple bursts, or multiple shooters
  • Reports relative shooter range, azimuth, and elevation for first round fired
  • Reports threat weapon classification
  • 360° field of view
  • Operates while cruising, landing, hovering, and in all tactical situations
  • Alert suppression for outgoing fire
  • Platform Independent: adaptable installation
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Simple operation
  • No calibration required

How Boomerang Air Works

Boomerang Air uses an array of microphone sensors distributed throughout and integrated into the helicopter body. It detects small arms fire traveling toward the helicopter even when shooters are firing from maximum effective weapons ranges. False alarms caused by non-ballistic events such as wind noise, Blade Vortex Interaction, tactical radio transmissions, outgoing fire, and other extraneous noise events are minimal. Shooter locations are provided to the aircrew through audio warnings and graphical displays (when available).

Stand-Alone or Integrated

Boomerang Air can be deployed as a stand-alone shooter detection system or its information can easily be integrated into third-party situation awareness display units, such as heads-up displays and voice intercom systems already on board the aircraft.