Boomerang Warrior-X

Soldier Wearable Shooter Detection System

Boomerang Warrior

Because our troops are most vulnerable when on foot without the cover of vehicles or buildings, Raytheon BBN Technologies developed Boomerang Warrior-X, a soldier wearable shooter detection system. Boomerang Warrior-X provides immediate indication of hostile fire or sniper attack and localizes the shooter(s) allowing for a rapid, informed and coordinated response.

Boomerang Warrior-X provides the same reliable performance and features as the currently-fielded vehicle-mounted Boomerang III system - just smaller, lighter and integrated into tactical vests.

Weighing under 12 ounces, the system gives individual soldiers immediate awareness of hostile fire locations and, when integrated, can also provide unit leaders with shooter grid coordinates to enhance situational awareness needed to coordinate team responses to hostile fire.

Boomerang Warrior

Incoming shot announcements are transmitted to a built-in speaker or an ear piece while a light-weight display provides range and azimuth of the shooter position. As the Soldier moves, the system compensates for the Soldier's motion and continually updates the threat's location on the wrist display.