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Expertise in the Information and Knowledge Technologies business unit at Raytheon BBN Technologies spans a wide range of technologies:

Sensemaking Decision Technologies Group

The Sensemaking Decision Technologies Group solves customer problems through software tools cognitively designed to emulate how humans approach solutions. The SMDT group consists of 30 engineers and experts in the fields of cognitive psychology, software engineering, visualization design, and neuroscience research. They bring considerable skills to bear in the evolving problem space of making sense out of vast quantities of information. The result is that our tools manage information overload in the way a human would, if they could; faster and more accurately, thus providing optimal decision support. The tools we build provide flexible, scale-able, integrated software with powerful, comprehensive visualizations that help people working in highly complex, demanding environments better understand their data. This improved understanding positively impacts the User’s ability to make timely, mission critical, correct decisions. Success for our customers is achieved by employing proven techniques with leading edge technologies from these scientific areas:

  • Human-Machine Collaboration & Human Computer Interaction (HCI);
  • Work Centered Design;
  • Optimized and Integrated Modeling and Simulation; and
  • Research and Discoveries in Decision Making and Sensemaking.

Data Indexing & Mining

There has never been so much information available so easily, and our data indexing and mining technologies make it easy to turn that information-- from meetings, news broadcasts, Web searches, databases, emails, and documents --into information you can use.

Immersive Learning

Raytheon BBN Technologies is transforming training by providing richer and deeper cognitive experiences in virtual, immersive environments. Immersive training is an effective and efficient supplement to field training for both military and civilian uses.

Intelligent Systems

Raytheon BBN Technologies develops intelligent systems and intelligent systems' tools to enable complex simulations and dynamic learning and adaptation for applications that encompass analysis, planning, testing, task automation, simulation, design, decision support, and robotic behavior. These intelligent systems' technologies employ various state-of-the-art techniques such as genetic programming and agent-based architectures.

Modeling & Simulation

Raytheon BBN Technologies develops high-performance modeling and simulation systems for complex training, planning, analysis, and decision-making processes. We developed the first large, simulation training network, SimNet, in 1985. Over the next two decades, we developed an array of modeling and simulation systems for decision support and interactive training.

Current Projects

  • Human-Machine Collaboration

    The cognitive approach to Human-Machine Collaboration is the solution to information overload.
  • Immersive Learning

    Transforming training by providing richer and deeper cognitive experiences in virtual, immersive environments
  • Lidar People Tracking

    Real-time 360-degree LIDAR surveillance
  • OpenMap™

    An open source JavaBeans™ based programmer's toolkit that allows users to see and manipulate geospatial information.

    A training and analysis environment for exploring social and cultural interactions relevant to pre- and post-conflict operations in urban environments.
  • Training Games Initiative

    Partnering with private industry to advance the state of the art in games-based training.
  • Work Centered Support Solutions

    Supporting productivity in dynamic, information-dense environments